October 27, 2016

Going into our 20th season in Hermitage, we are proud to announce the introduction of our School’s Out After Care Program to our community! With today’s busy lifestyles parent’s need more options of what to do with their kids from the time school’s out, until the time they get off work. We think that our program is the answer!

At Hermitage†Dance†Academy¨†we will be offering the kids dance instruction, homework help and other fun activities to turn “down time” after school, into time to learn, create, explore and grow!

Download and Share with others: Flyer for Schools Out After School Program

*********NEW LOCATION*********
3441 Lebanon Rd, Suite 130
Hermitage, TN 37076
Inside Jackson’s Courtyard Shopping Center

615-231-7100 ~ hdaoffice@comcast.net ~ www.hdadance.com