May 25th – August 7th

7am-6pm Daily

CLOSED Tuesday, July 4th

We are so excited to finally be able to offer this program! We’ve seen the need for years to help parents who work, give their children a safe and productive place to spend their time when school’s out! Going into our 20th season, we finally can offer this to you! At HDA, we care about providing a positive place for children to grow, create and use their imagination and we think this program will serve to further that mission statement, and are thrilled to add this to our extensive list of offerings at our studio!

Weekly rate:

$110 for HDA students currently enrolled in classes or camps in our summer or fall dance program.

$125 for non-HDA students. If enrolled in one of our Summer Dance Camps at HDA we also will be offering Before and After Care for only $2 an hour! Please ask for details!

Registration Fee:

$35 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of sign up to hold your spot. (Early Bird Special – Only $10 if you register before May 1st).

Family discount for multiple siblings:

$5 off weekly for each additional child.

Payment due dates:

Payments are to be made weekly and are due on Friday for the upcoming week. No deposits or payments will be refunded.

Late fees:

If payment is not made by Monday morning, a late fee of $5 per day will be applied.  If payment for the week, including late fees, are not paid by end of the day on Tuesday, the child(ren) will not be able to return to the program the rest of the week, until balance is paid in full.

Method of Payment:

We encourage everyone to enroll in auto-pay but you can also pay by check or cash. Any checks returned NSF will be charged a $25 fee. If a check is returned, another check will not accepted and a cash payment will be required. After 2 checks returned NSF, checks will not be accepted anymore moving forward.

Missed Days:

We do not prorate for any missed days due to illness, injury or any other reason. Payment for the services you registered for will be expected regardless of absence.


A 2 week notice is required to withdrawal from the program and the account must be paid in full by the time of withdrawal.

Late Pick Ups:

Your child(ren) must be picked up NO LATER THAN 6pm! If arriving later than 6pm, the first 5 minutes are “free” but on the 6th minute, time reverts back to 6pm and you pay $1 per minute you are late. So if you arrive at 6:05 you owe nothing extra, but if you arrive at 6:06, you owe $6, at 6:15, $15, etc…This extra fee is paid directly to the staff member that stays late for you, and this fee is due immediately upon arrival.


The children will be expected to participate in daily physical activities unless injured, please let us know if your child has an injury of special circumstance that prevents them from participating.  

Signing In/Out:

All children must be signed in and out every day. They must be accompanied by an adult in and out the facility daily. Children will not be permitted outside the building unless accompanied by an adult that has been approved by the parents.

Personal Items:

Students are allowed to bring personal items such as electronics/blankets/pillows/etc to be used during free time/movie time. Please make sure all items are labeled with the child’s name. HDA will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. Furthermore, items left at the studio with no name will be gotten rid of every Friday. Please remember to label your personal items and take them with you when you leave.


Parents are responsible for providing a lunch for their child(ren) every day. Please avoid packing snacks that contain allergens such as peanuts. We will provide snacks daily but if your child wants to bring their own snacks, please feel free. There will be no sharing of food including snacks between students.

Water bottles:

Students should have a water bottle every day to refill in the water fountain. If they do not have a water bottle on a given day we will provide a bottled water for $1 that they can refill throughout the day. Payment for the water will be expected upon pick up.


If your child has a fever, upset stomach, or other contagious condition, i.e. pink eye, lice, chicken pox or other virus, please keep them home to avoid contaminating other children/staff. Please refrain from bringing your child back to the summer program until they have been fever free for 24 hours. HDA will not administer medicine to your children. If it is imperative that they receive medication during the program hours, parents are welcome to come administer these during the day.

Field Trips:

HDA will be taking field trips to local businesses and sites a few times a week. Children under the age of 9 will be required to have a booster seat for riding in the van. *Some Field Trips may require an additional fee.


Students are expected to maintain good behavior at all times. They should clean up after themselves, not leave their food and drinks unattended, and keep their hands and feet to themselves. We will have a 3 strike policy for behavior. Parents will be informed of every strike and after the third strike, the student may be asked to leave the program.


In the case of unexpected weather or other circumstances, if HDA must close, we will inform via text message/phone call/social media. Please make sure we always have current phone numbers and email addresses.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change